Bring shared wheelchairs into life
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Shanghai Hubang Intelligent Rehabilitation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. Since its establishment,
it has continuously used the deep professional background to continuously lead and enhance the development contribution of wheelchairs.

Hubang specializes in the production of manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, intelligent rehabilitation equipment, and other rehabilitation aids.

Hubang has independent technology research and development capabilities,
perfect manufacturing process and sound quality control system. Mubang currently has 4 invention patents,
more than 80 new patents and 1 software copyright.
Since 2007, the company has participated in the drafting of national standards for manual and electric wheelchairs,
and has successively announced the implementation of 22 national standards.
Hubang has been highly recognized by consumers for its high quality products.
Manual wheelchair

Manual wheelchair is one of the most important walking tools for people with impaired lower limb . In the market competition it also has a great value of existence.
Manual wheelchairs are divided into aluminum alloy materials and steel pipe materials.
It is usually composed of seven parts: Push hand, wheelchair rack, wheel, brake device, anti-rear inversion device, seat and pedal.
Hubang commitment that all manual wheelchairs can add the back brake, can also replace with a solid rear tire.
Electric wheelchair

Electric wheelchair is based on the traditional manual wheelchair, superimposed high-performance power drive device, intelligent control device,
battery and other components, modified and upgraded.The use of lithium-ion drive, can be repeated charging, small size and light weight,
energy saving and environmental protection. Lithium electric wheelchair, can be pushed by hand, electric driving, free conversion.
Electric wheelchairs are suitable for a wide range of target user, as long as the user consciousness is clear, cognitive ability is normal, the use of electric wheelchair is a good choice.

Electric mobility scooter is mainly to meet the needs of the elderly population and green environmental protection need .
In addition to people with mild disabilities, the user of electric mobility scooter also includes those with
a lack of mobility and consumers who want to use the car as a comfortable scooter .
Wide range of applications. Electric mobility scooter is mainly composed of controller, motor, battery, charger four parts and body part.

The walker is an apparatus that assists the human body in supporting weight, maintaining balance and walking.
The use of dual-link structure, better support performance, and make walking become more stable .
The walker is divided into steel pipe material and aluminum alloy material. Most of the models can be adjusted to facilitate the use of different height consumers,
so that the legs and feet are inconvenient for the elderly or patients to walk on their own.
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