Bring sharing wheelchair economy into life


Hubang Laobaobei (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. (“Hubang Laobaobei”) is an internet service platform which integrates Internet + manufacturing service,
specializing in the sharing economy of rehabilitation related aids products.

In March 2017, we successfully developed wheelchair sharing business and other shared rehabilitation aids.
We are the first enterprise in China to develop sharing wheelchairs and bring them into hospitals, nursing homes, community centers and disability systems.

Hubang Laobaobei relies on the strong manufacturing capability and advanced
quality management system of Shanghai Hubang Intelligent Rehabilitation Equipment Co., Ltd.
And our team members has more than ten years' experiences
in software development area and management experiences of the IoT business.

With our high quality products and daily meticulous maintenance,
we have received unanimous praise and highly reputation from the hospital and end users.

Hubang Laobaobei will, as always, serve the society,
travel in a green way, build an environment-friendly and economical social co-system,
make full use of the Internet, make greater efforts to do best to benefit our clients,
and more reflect the social value of enterprises.

China is gradually moving towards an aging society, and the demand for rehabilitation assistance is also increasing.
Last December of 2017, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and other six ministries issued the Notice on the Establishment of Comprehensive Innovation Pilot
Areas for the National Rehabilitation Assistant Instrument Industry,
which clearly stipulates that Shanghai is one of the 12 pilot areas for comprehensive innovation
of the national rehabilitation assistant instrument industry.


Hubang's shared wheelchairs adopt the semi-public welfare model of "free + shared rent".
According to the different conditions such as the place where it is put into operation,
the flow of patients and the length of time spent in the hospital, the lender shall be given free use time ranging from half an hour to two hours.

According to incomplete statistics, since May this year, 40 shared wheelchairs have been used
in the buildings of emergency department and inpatient department of Xinhua Hospital.
The number of users per day has reached more than 300, equivalent to nearly 10 borrowings per wheelchair per day.
From a national perspective, 12,000 shared wheelchairs have been put into operation,
and the number of users per day is as high as 23,000.

Next, sharing wheelchairs will gradually enter some old-age community and some old-age institutions in Shanghai,
hoping to further broaden the beneficiary groups.
In the hospital area, we are planning to launch market-oriented intelligent sharing projects such as "shared stretcher" and "shared escort bed".
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